[#1] Majalengka, The Windy City

Today, I start writing English on my post. I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes. 😀

Majalengka is a City in the West Java province of Indonesia the capital of Majalengka Regency. As of 2013, this regency consists of the 26 districts (kecamatan), all of which make up a total of 13 urban villages (kelurahan) and 318 rural villages (desa). [Wikipedia]

Many people didn’t know where Majalengka is, the small city regency in West Java. Most of them only know Kadipaten and Jatiwangi. Uh, I’m a bit sad. 😦

Where is Majalengka ? It’s near to Sumedang and Cirebon. It’s surrounded by hills and green views.

Several months ago, I went back to my hometown. I took some pictures of recently views of Majalengka. I’ve lived in Majalengka since I was born to world. I love the green views there, especially ricefields. There are ricefields near my home. Even the weather is hot enough, but Majalengka is nice place to live. *promotion

Majalengka is known as the windy city where the wind blow hard.

But, there’s no mall in Majalengka. So, Majalengka people like to travel to another city (the nearest city such as Bandung or Cirebon) for sightseeing or shopping.


My School, SDN Majalengka Kulon VII

My School, SDN Majalengka Kulon VII