Getting To Know Cambodian Singers

I ever posted here that I used to stalk anyone on social media. It has some negative impacts, indeed. But because of it, I accidentally found Khmer Singer’s instagram. I wondered about Khmer culture, since I’ve been being friends with Cambodian students who are now studying at my campus (some of them were already back to their country). One of them gave me videos about Cambodian culture, and also khmer songs. But, the songs sound more traditional hehe. So, I tried to look for Cambodian singers who sing english song. I ever watched Preap Sovath (he ever covered She’s Gone) , Sokun Nisa, Sokun Kanha, and Virak Seth (he also covered She’s Gone) on YouTube. I still don’t know why that song (She’s Gone) went viral in Cambodia. 

During semester break, I spent my time watching videos on YouTube (also reading books, and visiting my hometown, Majalengka). Here is the list of Khmer singers that I’ve discovered (it fits my music taste) :

1. Nikki Nikki



Image taken from here

Cambodian singer-songwriter Suon Socheata, known as Nikki Nikki, has scored a hit with her soulful single ‘Home for Dinner’ and is featured along with other artists on the Songkites album (You can check about Songkites Projects here). I found Nikki’s Instagram while I was stalking. I went to YouTube watching her videos covered Chris Brown’s song Look At Me Now, Beyonce’s song Halo, and so on. I also watched her own songs.  And I was impressed. The fact is she can rap. According to her fanpage (managed by her fans) Nikki Nikki Cambodia on Facebook, she ever lived in USA, that’s why she speaks english fluently, and most of the songs (both cover songs and hers) that she sang written in English. I’m in love with one of her songs entitled Mine which its music video has beautiful view, costume, and Nikki, she’s really beautiful in it. Nikki already got Vevo Channel. Sounds great. Anyway, I follow her on Instagram. 😀 

2. Alexta Kava


Image taken from here

Another talented Khmer singer who also got involved in Songkites project is Alexta Kava. She can play guitar (A plus). It seems hard to get information about her on internet, unless following her instagram account or liking her fanpage on Facebook. This is my favorite song of hers entitled I Still Love You. All lyrics written in English. 

She collaborated with Sentosa Mam sang a song which is also featured in Songkites album. Its title is I’m Hurt, which has both khmer and english lyrics. I like it though I don’t understand. Lol

3. Laura Mam

laura mam

Image taken from here

Cambodian-American, Laura Mam started her carrier to be a vocalist of a female band so-called The Like Me’s consists of four females, half of which are Cambodian and the other half Filipina (You can read the article about her band here). Several days ago, I discovered her latest song entitled We Could Fall In Love. It sounds jazzy. Its music used a khmer traditional musical instrument (it’s a bit similar to saron in Java Gamelan, I thought). Here is the music video :

4. Sentosa Mam

Through her YouTube channel, we can hear her beautiful voice (it reminds me of Citra Idol, lol). Unfortunately, her videos only got few viewers. Her song “What If” is featured in Songkites album along with Nikki Nikki and Alexta Kava. I got nothing when I typed her name on Google’s search engine. So, I decided to look for her on FB and Instagram. Based on those accounts, Sentosa Mam lives in Australia. 

5. Sophie Sin


Image taken from here

I discovered her covering Nikki Nikki’s Mine on YouTube. She has soft voice. Here is the video of her covering White Horse.

That’s all Khmer singers that I recommmend to you. Hope you enjoy  ! 😉


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