Getting To Know Cambodian Singers

I ever posted here that I used to stalk anyone on social media. It has some negative impacts, indeed. But because of it, I accidentally found Khmer Singer’s instagram. I wondered about Khmer culture, since I’ve been being friends with Cambodian students who are now studying at my campus (some of them were already back to their country). One of them gave me videos about Cambodian culture, and also khmer songs. But, the songs sound more traditional hehe. So, I tried to look for Cambodian singers who sing english song. I ever watched Preap Sovath (he ever covered She’s Gone) , Sokun Nisa, Sokun Kanha, and Virak Seth (he also covered She’s Gone) on YouTube. I still don’t know why that song (She’s Gone) went viral in Cambodia. 

During semester break, I spent my time watching videos on YouTube (also reading books, and visiting my hometown, Majalengka). Here is the list of Khmer singers that I’ve discovered (it fits my music taste) :

1. Nikki Nikki



Image taken from here